Here's a list of all of the media I have been in on various topics. Note that some of these articles are behind paywalls, especially older ones.


17 October 1999 - Star Tribune, "'U' gets tough on drinking in dorms" (paid archive) (Note: in this article I'm the enforcer, not the target!)


15 March 2001 - Star Tribune, "Napster? Who cares?" (paid archive) 


9 March 2007 - Session Weekly, "E-mail - Love it or hate it" (page 17)


14 October 2009 - Star Tribune, "Dow climbs back over 10,000"


20 July 2010 - CNN, "Graduate students study major disasters"


January 2012 - Technological Leadership, "Winter/Spring 2012" (page 15)


Welcome to my page.

About me

I was born and grew up in Saint Cloud, Minnesota. I attended the University of Minnesota, majoring in Political Science with a minor in Philosophy. Like many people with this degree combo, I thought about attending law school, but determined that it was just too expensive considering my interest in public policy work. Instead, I received an M.S. degree in Security Technologies from the U of M, fulfilling my desire to learn more about information security.

I currently work for Best Buy on their Cyber Threat and Intelligence team. Prior to that, I worked for Target as a manager on the Information Security Consulting team, as well as I working for a year on Target's Information Risk Assessment team. Before then, worked for 11 years at the Minnesota House of Representatives, first as a Constituent Services writer and then as the head of the IT Department for the DFL Caucus. In that role, I did hardware, software, PDAs, databases...pretty much everything.

When I'm not working, I'm an amateur photographer, reader, writer, biker, poker player, music afficianado, blogger, and discombobulator.

I live in South Minneapolis with my wife Julia, daughter Sonja, and our two cats.


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